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20 4th of July Drinks & Cocktails

Whether you're looking to get the party started or just cool down a bit, these summertime cocktails are perfect for Independence Day picnics, parties, cookouts and epic barbecues. They range from alcoholic to non-alcoholic, so the kiddos can enjoy too.

Red, White & Blue Jell-O Shots

"Yummy! We put these in the little plastic containers with lids that the Chinese restaurants give you to take home sauce in. Then we could put them in our cooler to take to a friend's house without them spilling!"

-Little Mommy

Bucket of Beer

"I don't have a bucket like the one in the photo. Is there a Crock Pot version of this recipe?"


Southern Sweet Iced Tea

"This recipe isn't for the tourists! If you were raised on sweet tea, this is the stuff Grandma would sneak you a glass of while Dad wasn't looking."

-Candice T.


"Yummy! Great basic recipe. We used San Pellegrino sparkling water because that's what we happened to have on hand, and it was great."

-Welmoed Sisson

Homemade Lemonade

"Super easy recipe for homemade lemonade. It's the perfect blend of tartness and sweetness."

-Jonathan Melendez

Moscow Mule

"What a nice refreshing cocktail to enjoy on a warm day. I used ginger beer and loved the addition of the lime."

-Lucky in Bayview

Kool-Aid Slushies

"These were fantastic for how easy they were to make. The kids had a Kool Aid Slushy stand and raised $80 in one afternoon for a local man who was in a car accident. We will make these all summer long. (They are also great with flavored vodka.)"

-Lisa Lou Who

Lager & Lemon-Limeade

"Reminded me of a really good margarita. This was light and very refreshing. I only had pink lemonade which gave this a blush sort of color. Very pretty."

-Mamas Kitchen Hope

Long Island Iced Tea

"Second only to the margarita, this is a favorite drink of mine. Smooth and tastes like a lemony glass of iced tea. Watch out, it really sneaks up on you."


Watermelon Lemonade

"This was wonderful for the hot, humid weather we had at the cookout. It was refreshing, and everyone raved about it."

-Miss Annie

Gin & Tonic with Cucumber & Lemongrass

A cool, refreshing and surprising twist on a simple classic. Lemongrass might just be your new favorite garnish.

Island Pineapple Coconut Jell-O Shots

"Made them and loved them... but, then again, I am a rum girl. I also added one extra pack of gelatin so it would have a firmer set, since we were eating these as finger Jell-O. I didn't have fancy little cups to pour into."


Blackberry Iced Tea with Ginger & Cinnamon

"Really loved the hints of cinnamon and the tartness from the cranberry and blackberry! So refreshing!"


Raspberry-Lime Iced Tea

"Excellent recipe! Love it, as I adore anything with citrus, and you can customize the sugar amount to your liking or dietary concerns. This works really well with watermelon too! And if you wish to make this an adult version, add in some vodka or gin."

-Naomie In Castaic

Lime & Lemonade

"Never thought of doing BOTH lime and lemon. It tastes great, and the kids love it! For us adults, you're already halfway to a mojito!"


Starbucks' Orange Drink

Bring on the tropical vibes with this copycat version of the coffee chain's rainbow drink. This one features OJ, mango and a splash of coconut milk. The whey powder is considered optional!

Cucumber-Mint Iced Tea

This delightfully fresh iced tea is sweetened with honey and garnished with some garden-fresh ingredients that will quench your backyard BBQ thirst.

Lemonade, Six Ways

"This recipe is great for summer entertaining. You can make the basic lemonade, then just have the variations on hand so everyone gets something different. I made the blueberry ginger ale and it was delicious."


Chuck's Homemade Peach Iced Tea

Somewhere between a peach smoothie and a glass of sweet tea, this vanilla-studded brew is a new summer essential.

Pineapple Cocktail

"Nice and tropical, with a great citrus twist! This was my TGIF drinkie-poo, and I'm glad I saved it for Friday!"