PART OF Summer Grilling

A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Grilled Feast

Whether hosting a crowd or grilling for two, these recipes are easy to prepare for any number of guests. Light up the grill, it's time to get cooking.

A must-make Summer Barbecue

These simple recipes take full advantage of the warm summer weather (and summer ingredients). So make what you're craving for just one friend or the whole neighborhood — because with these menus you'll be the most popular party-thrower on the block.

Pistachio Mint Labneh Dip

Tart and refreshing, this dip is the perfect complement to anything spicy. It's also ideal for slathering on bread. But, let's be real, we'll be eating it with a spoon.

Grilled Harissa Carrot Hummus

Take a dunk into this hummus spin-off. Spicy harissa and sweet, smoky carrots are a game changer in everyone's favorite healthy snack.

Spicy Beef Flatbread With Yogurt & Cucumbers

Balance in a bite. Cinnamon-spiced ground beef, crisp cucumbers and yogurt make this dish more crave-worthy than a sidewalk slice.

Spicy Herb-Marinated Grilled Chicken

A perfect summer main, this full-flavored chicken is made possible thanks to a decadent herb-loaded marinade.

Moroccan Marinated Lamb

Meat meet grill. Lamb adds a creative twist to your basic barbecue with a little help from ras el hanout spice mix.

Grilled Fattoush With Za’atar Eggplant

Flame-kissed vegetables become next-level in this vibrant layered salad.

Grilled Beet & Charred Citrus Salad

Turn up the volume on an already fragrant beet salad with charred citrus. It'll add vibrant smokiness, a flavor sure to impress.

Now here's how to party

Our grill-friendly menus for anything from a cozy weeknight meal for two to a crowd-friendly summer grilling spectacular.

Dinner for Two

Grilled flatbread and beet salad are simple to prepare on a sunny weeknight, and a little grill action will ensure you take advantage of the weather.

If You're Feeding Four

A whole chicken is the perfect way to cook food for a few people. Serve grilled fattoush alongside and dig in.

Party of Six

Serve two salads, because why not? And give your guests warm pita to smear with spicy hummus for some epic lamb sandwiches!

An all-out Grilling Event

Light up your grill for an all-day spectacular. Prep the meats in advance to let them marinate and then get your guests involved, they'll enjoy helping you pull off this out-of-this-world feast.

And for Dessert...

Plum Sorbet with Pistachio Rose Brittle & Honeyed Plums is a refreshingly tart, sweet and light way to wind down after eating and cooking for a crowd (or, you know, yourself).