Get it Ladies, It's Flower Crown Season

Join Coco Cake Land and Genius Kitchen as we bake our way through the world of celebrity gossip and social media moguls with #GKCakeLife!

A Festival-Ready Cake

Can't make it to Coachella this year? Bake this cake instead and your Insta-stories will never be the same.

step 1

Start by stacking your beautiful buttermilk cake layers. Don't worry about letting the vanilla buttercream hang loose.

step 2

Get out that bench scraper, and tidy up the edges — think of this as applying your foundation (no contour needed).

step 3

What does your perfect festival makeup look like? We bet it looks even better made of fondant.

step 4

Because one should never show up to Coachella without a full face.

step 5

Start by getting familiar with the required tools. This is a flower nail.

step 6

To make perfect roses, use a Wilton 125 petal tip.

Step 7

Hot tip: Watch a few frosting flower tutorials.

step 8

Now, create your rosebud at the center.

step 9

And add on the leaves.

step 10

Admire and make more.

step 11

You've got the hang of it! It's like applying cat eyes: practice makes perfect.

step 12

Once you have enough flowers, make an extra just in case things go awry.

step 13

Pick your accent flower colors.

step 14

Use your other piping bags to make drop stars, rosettes and any different designs you like in alternating colors.

step 15

Fill in any gaps with the leaf piping tip and little drop stars until you are happy with your gorgeous buttercream flower crown.

step 16

Style and photograph — that's half the fun anyhow.

step 17

Don your real flower crown while eating a slice of this perfect festival-ready cake.