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15 Easiest Casseroles to Make

Prep one of these crowd-pleasing casseroles in minutes and let your oven do the rest of the work. Bonus: Leftovers taste even better the next day. Get even more dinner inspiration with our top healthy casseroles.

Baked Ziti with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

"This was really good. I really loved the smoky taste of the tomatoes — it made the dish extra special."


Bird's Famous Macaroni and Cheese

"I love homemade mac and cheese — it's the ultimate comfort food! This was absolutely wonderful. I never would have thought to add mustard, but it added a really nice flavor."


Easy Shepherd's Pie

"This was very good and super quick, which makes it even more likable! I used prepared mashed potatoes from the refrigerated section of the supermarket. I will definitely be making this again!"


Weight Watchers Deep-Dish Pizza Casserole

"This was really good. Both of my kids even liked it and they're really picky."


Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

"This was a great, quick weeknight meal. It was easy to make and it tasted great."

-Chef of 5

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole



Creamed Chicken & Biscuits Casserole

"My kids gobbled this up like it was their last meal! It was simple to prepare and the end result was a great comfort food dish — rich, creamy and delicious!"


Tamale Pie

"Very tasty! It was easy to make and the taste was wonderful."

-Kaytie Did

Taco Tater Tots Casserole

"This was great! Very easy to prepare, and a good flavor combination!"


Easy Way Lasagna

"What an outstanding lasagna and so simple to make! I made a couple of these for a gathering and one comment I received was from an Italian lady who said it was almost as good as her mother's!"


Easiest Beef Enchiladas Ever

"So good and so easy! My whole family enjoyed this recipe. It was quick to make and tasted like enchiladas that take all day. To make it pretty, I garnished with green onions and olives."


Easy Pizza Pasta Casserole

"The pepperoni really makes this dish! I served this with garlic bread and a tossed salad. This makes a lot and generously feeds a family of six!"


Chicken, Rice & Broccoli Casserole

"This really fit the bill for a gray, rainy day when I needed something easy. I used a bag of frozen mixed veggies and tossed some French-fried onions on top of the cheese to entice the kids!"


Brings Back Memories Tuna Casserole

"This recipe certainly does bring back memories and reminds you how warming the old comfort foods from childhood can be!"


Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

"I loved the crunch that the breadcrumbs gave to the biscuits. This was a very good recipe."