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40 Father's Day Dinner ideas

Whether your dad is a meat-and-potatoes guy or has a more adventurous palate, we've rounded up some of our users' favorite recipes sure to make him happy on his special day. Go above and beyond with Father's Day breakfast ideas and dad-favorite desserts.

Oven BBQ Ribs

"I have made this recipe many times to rave reviews.”


Rolled Flank Steak

"Loved this recipe so much! It was very flavorful. I do recommend seasoning the steak with a bit of salt and pepper before filling and rolling. Other than that, it's a winner!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings

“Very tasty. I thought the flavor was too strong when I was simmering it, but it was perfect when coated on the wings and cooled down a little.”


Chipotle's Barbacoa

"If you like the Chipotle restaurant’s barbacoa, this recipe is fantastic! I never rated anything on the internet until now because this recipe is just so good.”


Absolute Best Ever Lasagna

“I made this tonight for dinner and it was delicious. My husband had two big helpings and he loved it!”

-mom of 4

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

“Delicious and beautiful! Made as written with the addition of a sprinkling of parsley on top.”


Melt-In-Your-Mouth Meatballs

"These really are amazing! My entire extended family claims these are the best meatballs they've ever had. And that's actually a little funny since I also used turkey instead of beef, which the men in my family generally refuse to eat because they claim ground turkey tastes like cardboard. However, they loved these even after I fessed up!”


Cheese, Potato & Smoked Sausage Casserole

"This is good ole comfort food. Served with cornbread. Simple, quick and yummy. Thanks for posting."

-Southern Lady

A Very Different Chili

“Honestly, this is the best chili I have ever tasted! I always get raves when I make it! Great for a potluck or a cold winter's night.”

-Roberta V.

Bratwurst & Sauerkraut Supper

"A delicious meal. The Dijon mustard is a strong presence in this dish, but not overpowering.”


Simple Caribbean Jerk Chicken

This is a simplified version of Jamaican-style jerk chicken that uses simple, easy-to find ingredients and cuts down on the heat. It’s a great way to season chicken for something a little different.

Seafood Gumbo

"This seafood gumbo is awesome! I cooked the roux until it was a nice caramel brown color. The crab boil entices you with its smell and gives such incredible flavor.”


Perfect Rump Roast

"Perfection! Unreal flavor; it tasted like prime rib; no kidding!”

-Logans Mommy

Old Bay Shrimp Boil

“I love this recipe — it's so easy and I actually scale it way back to a half or one pound of shrimp and make it every couple of weeks in a saucepan.”


Perfect Southern Fried Chicken

“Very good recipe. We very much enjoyed the end result and I did not find the cooking as difficult as I thought it would be.”


Italian Bolognese Sauce

“This is the best bolognese you will ever try! Hands down! I make the recipe exactly as instructed but with one change. I use ground sausage instead of ground pork.”

-Chef Kerry-Ann

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

"I never had a Chicago-Style hot dog before and was really excited about trying this. I could not find the sport peppers, but they turned out good anyway."



“This is a definite winner in my house. I'm loving how I can double or even triple this recipe. It's also customizable to suit your tastes. My family asks for this all the time now. And I love it too!”

-LayLay R.


"Definitely make these if you love horseradish and garlic. Best burger I’ve had in a very long time.”


Chicken, Shrimp & Andouille Jambalaya

"This was my first time to make jambalaya and I am sure glad I used your recipe! Wonderful flavor.”


Tender Pot Roast

"Was looking for a different way to do pot roast than my usual way and so had this for dinner tonight. It was superb! The roast was falling-apart tender and the flavor was outstanding.”


Cuban Roast Pork With Mojo Criollo

"Made this about a month ago and making it again today. We used to live in Tampa and would get roast pork from La Teresita on Columbus. Best roast pork period. This recipe was better. Excellent cuban pork recipe.”

-Craig H

Perfect Broiled Steak

“Steaks got a great sear on the outside, but stayed nice and pink on the inside.”

-Baby Duck

Simply Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

"I followed this recipe to the letter and it was phenomenal!”


Dad's Best Brisket

"This was the best brisket in the world! Buy a big brisket because you're gonna want leftovers. I promise.”

-Scott Keith

Secret Sirloin Steak

"As easy as it is to skip the butter/parsley addition, don’t! Just do it as it is written and all will be excellent with your steak!"


Sirloin Tip Roast

“This was a nice change to our usual roast. Instead of getting two pans dirty I used a deep cast iron pan and used a little oil once the pan was hot.”

-Shawn C

Bacon Nachos

“Delicious! I used blue corn tortilla chips and kalamata olives instead of black. The only thing I can say to anyone who didn't like the cheese ‘drying out’ or ‘hardening’ is to use queso.”


Three-Ingredient Nacho Dip

"Put all ingredients in Crock Pot and turned it on. My husband couldn't stop raving about it!”


Sausage Balls

"Been making these for 25 years. To avoid being too dry make sure all ingredients are at room temperature and mix sausage and biscuit mix first then add the cheese.”

-Maggie Joe

Country Fried Steak

“This was excellent. We will do this again and again.”

-Lisa R.

Awesome Baked Ham

“Until I tried this recipe, I wasn't wild about baked ham. I will never bake a ham any other way from now on! Because of your recipe, I love baked ham!”


Italian Sunday Gravy

"If this is how Italians eat on a Sunday I want to come back as ‘Tony’ in my next life! This was so simple to put together, and everything worked. The meatballs, the sauce, the Italian sausage. I served this over a bed of linguini along with garlic bread. The sauce clung perfectly to every strand of pasta.”


Romaldo's Carnitas

“I don't know any Hispanic recipes at all so I thought I try some recipes from the web and found this one. It was very good, delicious, tasty.”

-Annie Tenorio

A Perfect Eye of Round Roast Beef

“I was very skeptical when I first tried this recipe. I was sure the roast would be raw, after all that waiting time. What a surprise when it came out perfectly medium rare, and tender as prime rib! Delicious, and I'll never cook an eye round roast any other way, again!"

-Alison M.

Sue's Perfect Prime Rib

“This roast just melts in your mouth and was a totally perfect addition to our anniversary dinner over the weekend. The aromas while cooking were wonderful and we couldn't wait to eat! Amazing!”

-Tony Rules The Kitc

Pork Roast

"I don't give many five-star ratings, but this recipe deserved it. It's delicious and simple to make.”

-The Robinsons

Chicken Carbonnade

"This is delicious! It tastes like you let it simmer all day, but it just takes about an hour. Really loved the flavor that the allspice added to this dish. Was perfect with the onions and brown sugar.”


Kalua Pork

"This recipe is wonderful and very easy. To quell any fears, there is no banana taste when cooked. I made two simple changes. First I used real pink Hawaiian salt instead of the rock salt (it does have a special flavor) and next I used a crockpot.”


Tacos Al Pastor

This zesty Mexico City taco filling combines smoky chipotle peppers and other chilies. For an extra dose of authenticity, garnish with grilled fresh pineapple.