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28 Father's Day Grilling & BBQ Ideas

These grilling and barbecue ideas are sure to inspire you to make something amazing to celebrate dad this Father's Day. From classic ribs to more inventive recipes, check out our users' best recipes here.

Grilled BBQ Chicken Legs

"I only had enough time to marinade them for two hours so the flavor wasn't all the way through but I'll definitely do it longer next time as these legs are the best I've ever had.”


Best Grilled Pork Chops

“Wow! These are so good! I only let them marinate for two hours and they were great.”


Grilled Greek Chicken Breasts

“This recipe was so tasty. My parents are trying it too since they've heard my rave reviews. We will definitely be making this again and again.”


Grilled Eggplant With Ricotta & Tomato

“We enjoyed this easy, tasty side dish! Loved the fresh basil.”

-Dr. Jenny

Grilled Pizza

“We loved this! Made it just as stated but added a few more toppings. The seasoning oil is amazing and we will make again for sure!”


Grilled Parmesan Potatoes

"I will definitely be making these all the time! They were delicious! I loved them!”


Rock & Roll BBQ Brisket

"We had never cook a brisket before and debated between this recipe and another with high ratings. I'm glad I picked this one! It was amazingly good! It's a little spicy and just perfect!”


Peruvian Grilled Chicken

This is a great recipe adaptation for Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken that you can make on your grill. It replaces some hard-to-find ingredients with spices you can find at most grocery stores.

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

"I made this for an office lunch BBQ. This one was my favorite out of the four styles of shrimp that I made. Everything is better with bacon."

-Mr Jackson

Super Simple Grilled Corn on the Cob

“I’ve never grilled corn before as I have always steamed it in my steamer, but I wanted to try grilled corn and did a search on the internet and this recipe caught my eye. I tried it and we loved it!”


Grilled Tuna Steak

"This was absolutely wonderful tuna. I will tell anyone who wants to enjoy a really good tuna, don't overcook it. It needs to be dark pink inside for it to be tender and flavorful.”


Southwestern Grilled Chicken With Lime Butter

"Wow, the ingredients of this recipe are so unusual, but put them all together and it's so good! I used chicken thighs and drumsticks.”


Grilled Porterhouse Steak With Paprika-Parmesan Butter

“Fantastic recipe! My grocery store didn't have porterhouse, so I got a sirloin steak instead. This is probably the best steak I've ever grilled myself!”


Grilled Lemon Salmon

"Having lemon in the name of the recipe really threw me as there are only slices put on during the last bit of grilling. It was fantastic! My hubby and I found each other doing nothing but eating and yumming throughout dinner.”


Thai-Style Grilled Chicken Thighs

“We made these this past weekend and they were amazing. Super flavorful and moist, while not being difficult to make at all.”

-Jeff B.

Grilled Shrimp

"This is awesome! Just got a new grill and wanted the right recipe to celebrate and break it in. The adults loved them and even the kids loved them.”


Grilled Bourbon-Marinated Pork Chops

"Excellent marinade! Nice combination of flavors. I think this would be good on chicken thighs also, or boneless country spareribs.”

-Outta Here

Grilled Chicken Wings

"Wow! I made these wings for my husband and myself tonight and they were fabulous.”


Oven BBQ Ribs

"I have made this recipe many times to rave reviews, and people licked the platter clean! The only alteration I make is I slow cook the ribs at 325 degrees for about three hours. This seems to allow the flavors more time to permeate the meat plus makes for ribs which melt in your mouth."


Grilled Crab Legs

“Wonderful! The crab was flavorful enough without any dipping sauce.”


Grilled Reuben Sandwiches

"These are our favorite sandwich. I grill on the George Foreman, and they only take a minute or two.”

-Linda B

Grilled Chicken Tikka

“Loved it. Very tender and flavorful, even after only 2 hours of marinating.”


Grilled Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas

"Fantastic! They were tricky to turn, then I discovered using two dinner plates to slide them onto and then flipping them. Worked like a charm!”

-DebS 2

Grilled Chicken Breast With Barbecue Glaze

“I loved this recipe! Grilled up a bunch and saved it in the fridge for later meals/recipes throughout the week.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Grilled Garlic Pork Tenderloin

"People, this is exceptional! The flavor is so magnificent you must try this. I did not change anything.”

-Charlotte J

Easy Foil BBQ Potatoes

“This is a great recipe for a simple baked potato with a lot of flavor! My family loved them!”


Caribbean BBQ Chicken

“On my third time with this recipe and absolutely love it (going to try it on wings next)! I usually steer clear of jerk recipes because of the thyme’ this is a perfect blend of each ingredient.”

-Allison S.

BBQ Ribs

“They were the best ribs i have ever eaten. My 30 guests agreed."