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Make A Splash With This Flamingo Pool Float Cake

Have your summer, and eat it too.

Pool Party Cake

Put on your sunscreen, dust off your sunglasses, pool season is upon us! Roxstarbakes shows us how to make this festive flamingo float-topped cake, so you can bring summer to your kitchen. It’s time to hit the pool — check out how it’s made!

Gather your supplies

With a great buttercream recipe, you can do anything. Use this one from Roxstar Bakes to fill and frost the pool float cake.

Fill the cake

Between two vanilla cakes, layer buttercream and pineapple curd. Pro tip: alternating between curd and buttercream stabilizes the next cake layer.

Add stripes

You can achieve these stripes with a frosting comb. First, Apply frosting with your first color. Second, go around the cake 3 times with the frosting comb. Third, Add the second color and scrape off excess frosting!

Pipe the Pineapple Border

Pipe even dots around the border of the cake using your favorite tip.

Pineapples in a row

Name a cuter fruit, we'll wait.

Time for a leafy Coronation

Top the border by adding green leaves to each pineapple.

Make a Splash

To create the pool, mix corn syrup and your favorite blue and spread across the cake.

Looks good enough to dive in

Next we need to add some floats to make it a party.

Make the flamingo floats

Use unfrosted donuts for the round flamingo bodies.

All pink everything

Cover each donut in pink fondant.

Shape the flamingo heads

Sculpt the flamingo heads out of fondant, matching the colors to the ones you used on the donuts.

Those beaks though

Using white and black candy melts, decorate the flamingo beaks.

Floatie Time

Place your fondant-covered donuts on the cake where you'd like.

put the pieces together

Use spaghetti to attach the flamingo heads and tails to the floats. Pro tip: you’ll want to make sure no one eats the spaghetti but they’re safer than skewers in your cake because they’re food safe!

Make wings out of candy melts

Pink candy melts add some pizzazz to the flamingo floats.

sink your teeth into this treat

Finish off the floats by sticking the candy melt wings onto the floats. It isn't a party without a cake, and with this masterpiece, you'll be the talk of the pool all summer long.