17 Summer Slow-Cooker Desserts

The perfect sandcastle isn't going to build itself. From pudding to cake, these slow-cooker desserts will help you turn that beach trip from daydream to reality.

Tropical Apple Crisp

"Loved this! I thought the combination of ingredients went together so well. The topping was delicious!"


3-Ingredient Dump Cake

"It was delicious and reminded my hubby of chocolate-covered cherries."


Banana Upside Down Cake

"This is my new favorite cake! Didn't take too long at all. I loved that the bananas got soft and chewy!"


Cherry Rice Pudding

"This is a flavorful rice pudding without much sugar."


Chocolate Pudding

"Wowser, this was good, and I didn't have to warm up the house with the oven."

-Dienia B.

Chocolate-Covered Raisin Clusters

"This recipe is super easy to make and gives you the yummiest little treats."


Rice Pudding

"This is a lot less effort than the traditional stovetop method and just as tasty."

-Mark Kovach

Strawberry Cream Cake

Using boxed cake mix as a shortcut, this cake seriously couldn't be any easier. Just toss everything in the slow cooker and watch the magic happen.

Chocolate Rice Cooker Cake

"This dark rich, chocolate cake is perfect with coffee on a lazy afternoon or as a special birthday cake."


Mud Cake

"This cake is amazing, has insane amounts of chocolate and is absolutely delicious."


Fruit Cobbler

"I made this for a potluck lunch and it was a huge hit."

-Mel B.

Lemon Curd

"I love this method of making lemon curd!"


Berry Cobbler

"We've made this with strawberries, peaches and other fruit. It's all good."


Chocolate Pudding Cake

"I love that it's low fat, low sugar and made with things that I always have on hand."


Apple Pie

"This gem of a recipe is heavenly and a family favorite!"


Cherry & Chocolate Dump Cake

"This is a 10! The cake was rich and moist."


Blueberry Dump Cake

"This may be the easiest dessert I've ever made, other than scooping a dish of ice cream."