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Turn Up the Tropical Vibes with this Toucan Masterpiece

Vacation in a cake.

Bird's the word

This tropical toucan cake will have your friends flocking. Roxstarbakes prepped a lush dessert with a hidden surprise inside, so you can have an island beauty in your kitchen without hopping on a plane.

Prepare your ingredients

Bake cakes and cookies, make frosting and set up your workspace to make this tropical treat.

Start with a cookie garnish

Pick a tropical shape and cut out these cookies beforehand.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Decorate your sugar cookie ornaments using royal icing.

Core those cakes

Prep four of your cakes by cutting out a hole in the center with the 2.5” round cookie cutter. Then stack 'em up, slathering buttercream frosting between each layer.

More sprinkles, more fun!

Prepare your sparkly surprise by choosing colorful sprinkles to fill the center of the cake.

Add a surprise in the middle

Once you’ve stacked four layers, fill it up with a sprinkle core.

Wrap it all up

Fill, leaving a quarter inch empty at the top, then seal it up with the final layer.

Crumb coat & frost the cake

Pro Tip: Chill your cake before frosting! You'll want it very cold for the next steps.

Turn up the Tropical

Print out your toucan or favorite shape on edible wafer paper. Use an Exacto knife to cut out the template. (Hot Tip: Make sure you don't get that bird wet!)

Let's Get Artsy

Use tracing paper to create stencils for the designs you want on the side of your cake.

Festive Palm Fronds

Using a tooth pick, trace the template piece to make an outline on your cake. Then, color it in with another buttercream color. Once filled, smooth it out using an angled pallet knife from the outside towards the center.

Catch some shade

Add the sugar cookie decorations to the top of the frosted cake to create a tropical canopy.

Attach the Toucan

News Flash! Add the toucan last. Warmth and too much moisture can cause it to curl.

Tropical vibes only

This cake lets you live the island life right in your own kitchen with its chic palm fronds and an even groovier bird.

Party Time

As you dig into the cake, your fun sprinkles will fall out, bringing a whole lot of surprise to an already fun and funky dessert.