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14 Creative Pot Pies

A pot pie dinner shouldn't mean a microwave dinner. Instead, impress with one of these unique pastry-topped beauties and revel in the fact that homemade has never looked (or tasted) better.

Biscuit & Turkey Pot Pie

"Loved it. I doubled the sauce and used frozen peas instead of corn. It's a keeper."


Vegetable Pot Pie

"Yum! Easy to make, especially when you use frozen pie crusts like I did. It was delicious, and my family loved it; we're adding it to our rotation!"


Old-Fashioned Beef Pot Pie

"This was fantastic! We skipped the cheese and fried onions on top to keep it a bit lighter. The flavors were wonderful. The whole family loved it!"

-Diana Johnson ||

Chickpea Pot Pie

"This is fantastic! Our dinner guest and I both gave it an enthusiastic 5 stars."

-Dreamer in Ontario

Pizza Pot Pie

"Wow, this was great! The whole family enjoyed it. I will be making this one often."

-Aunt Paula

Tex-Mex Pot Pie

"Wow! This is excellent — delicious and adaptable, which are two important qualities in my book. I highly recommend you try it today."


Turkey Pot Pie

"I have to agree, this was delicious. Normally turkey is not our thing, but I now find myself making a turkey breast just to have leftovers for this pot pie."


Italian Pot Pies

"Delicious dish! I must admit to adding a bit of mozzarella into the meat mixture before topping, but we'll just keep that between us, right?"


Creamy Pot Pie

With only four ingredients you can make a creamy, craveable main dish — great for your weekly dinner rotation.

Mini Chicken Pot Pies

"I just finished my mini chicken pot pies; they came out beautiful and pop right out of the muffin pan with ease. They're delicious."

-Iisa C.

Tuna Pot Pie

"We really liked this and will definitely make it again!"


Gumbo Pot Pie

Bring the flavors of New Orleans to the table with this easy family favorite.

Easy Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie

"While this isn't traditional pot pie with a flaky crust (the crust is more biscuit-like), it's beyond perfect for a busy weeknight."

- Susie D

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

"An easy recipe that is super delicious. Hands down, the best recipe for pot pie soup."