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CHIWO means "Children and Women". We serve deaf children in Uganda and we highly value uniqueness of each one of them. Uganda has about 528,000 deaf people. Most deaf children are treated as secondary citizens in Uganda. They continue to be misunderstood and undermined by the predominantly speaking world. Most of them do not know how to read and write because education for the deaf is functionally non-existent in most parts of Uganda . Most deaf children have not been able to fulfill their potential due to stigma or a lack of practical support. Most of them are left parentless by abandonment. Most deaf children do not know anything about Jesus, they are hungry for the word of God but sadly don't have people to share with them about the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were founded to change that, make God known through love, bring hope and restoration, create new mindsets, expand possibilities and overcome challenges that the deaf children face in Uganda.

Most Deaf People Are Treated As Secondary Citizens In Uganda, Most Deaf Children Do Not Know How To read And Write Due To Lack Of Education. Most Communities Do Not Know How To Use Sign Language And This Creates Huge Barriers For The Deaf People
We Were Founded To Change That And To Create New Mindsets And attitudes.

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