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Thank you so much for supporting our work. Your faithful generosity allows Chiwo to meet the primary need of education for deaf Children in Uganda and other needs of our ongoing and growing organization. Lives of deaf children, their families and communities are changed because of your tax deductible gift. Please support our work today by giving a gift that is meaningful to you!


When we visit projects or communities that we go to, we are always on a look-out for deaf children who need help. We also work closely with local leaders who help us in identifying the most needy deaf children. Priority though goes to orphans and those who have never been to school.

When you sign up to become a sponsor,you get to know more about your child through letter writing and photos. These letters are sent four times a year. If possible, you can also visit your child at your time of convenience during the year.

Your child will write to you when they get to know that you are their sponsor. It is very encouraging and a joyful moment when they receive a response from you as well. You can choose to write them a quick email and we print that out for them.

The sponsorship donations go to the organization pool and it helps cater for developments on a wider scale. We believe in growing and empowering communities as opposed to single families. We ensure that sponsor donations are handled and used for longer term growth.