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Deaf-child sponsorship is where someone signs up to support a deaf child in school. This helps you get to know the child, their family and community. Education helps the child reach their dreams and also greatly builds their confidence. Sponsorship brings so much hope to the child and their family and it greatly transforms their lives. When you make monthly, quarterly or annual payments, they are put in a pool with other sponsors and hence development is on a much bigger scale since community members benefit as well.

The cost of sponsoring a deaf child is $70 dollars per month. This provides for school fees for three terms at school, basic needs and helps in facilitation for mentorship of the deaf child.

We identify and connect with deaf children in communities that we work with. After that we embark on the development process of sending them to school through the support of sponsors. The program addresses the challenges that deaf children face in Uganda. Community leaders help us to identify these children since they know them much better so that the opportunity is given to the most vulnerable.

We serve a group of people that are treated as secondary citizens in their own country. Not so many organizations are founded to do what we do. It is such a big commitment that we do with great passion, joy and love. We get the privilege of working with the people that society pushes away. We work very closely with families of the deaf as well and find the best approaches of how to work with the deaf kids. We work with local leaders so that the communities learn sign language